Ayanda Ntombela

“My name is Ayanda Ntombela me and my husband Wandile Brian Ntombela have been using SupaVite for the past 3 months now. He usually was complaining every day about the pain in his ankles as his job requires him to stand a lot. Ever since we are eating SupaVite, the pain is gone and the tiredness he used to complain about. On my side it has assisted me a lot on my diet, I dont feel hungry the whole after taking one sachet. Kwabashadile ngiyayigqugquzela kakhulu"


Tozama Mgcwaba

“I am a Medical Research Scientist by profession, with BSc BioMedicine background, I Just #resigned from one of the leading pharmaceutical company in the whole world – SA offices based in Sandton.

I am opening my own Clinical Research Centre in KZN and is the process #SupaVite is doing a great job to support me financially and it also to gives me flexibility time to work in my own company…

SupaVite is here to close all gaps and to bring back hope. South Africans we should all be in SupaVite – Supavite is one of our own network company we should be proud of. 100% #South #African Company.”


Khanyisile Dlamini - Durban

"The packaging is beautiful, and classy. I always get people stopping me to ask what is the box and they buy. I once sold 11 sachets to different people who stopped me on my home from depot, It was was my second box, I was so excited💃💃💃
I eat SUPA-VITE daily. It's so yummy 
😋 Its doing a great job to my skin especially facial part. I used to have dark marks and blemishes. Now my skin is fine and even."

Kimlin Louw - Cape Town

"Got my first 2 boxes and was super excited because its not cheap packaging.
Let's just say that I manage to sell everyday without much effort. 
Plus. If you have your Supavite with 500ml milk? The detox process starts within 2-3 hours but in a natural way."


Mpho Hunadi Matsetela

"I don't know where to start, but I had a problem with clots, I was told it was caused by me sterilizing before the age of 40. I was a mother of four then, I started taking SupaVite, buying it from a friend who had a brother who was selling SupaVite. They were a white family from the Vaal. I started to gain weight and even went to the gym twice a day, five times a week. Kanti I am pregnant. I am now a mother of five boys.

 It was difficult to take a decision on whether to sue mg Gynae or what, because my husband was always telling me "this SupaVite of your, are you sure it won't make you fertile"? I guess he was scared to say "I can't keep up". He then joined me and we took challenges on who will loose weight the fastest. Aaah even now He says he wants a Lab that will do tests and tell Us how I got pregnant after sterilization. But the Good part is when I heard that I can also joi the business, I took a leap of Faith and skipped our DSTV premium and joined. I needed the extra income, I am glad I did, because we have a car that's been standing for almost two years, with no money to fix. I am proud to say, through SupaVite I am saving towards fixing the car. Then you can imagine what's gonna happen when it's fixed?? I am gonna change lives. I am a happy mother of 5 boys and I still take my SupaVite, I don't have mkhaba. More than anything, my C section healed so fast, I never had low or high blood. I'm healthy and working towards my wealth at the same time. Thank you Mr Nzimande for SupaVite. We bless the Lord for giving you the vision. Amen!"